What Is the Most Active Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Discord is an incredibly popular platform for online communication and community building. With thousands of servers covering a wide range of interests, it can be hard to determine which one is the most active. In this article, we will explore some of the most active Discord servers and what makes them stand out.

What makes a Discord server active?

Before we dive into specific servers, let’s first understand what makes a Discord server active. An active server typically has:

  • Engaging Community: Active servers thrive on a community that actively participates in discussions, events, and collaborations.
  • Frequent Conversations: Regular conversations happening in text channels or voice chats indicate an active server.
  • Regular Events: Servers that organize frequent events, such as game nights or movie screenings, tend to have higher activity levels.
  • Responsive Moderation: Active servers often have dedicated moderators who ensure the smooth running of the server and promptly address any issues.

The Most Active Discord Servers

Gaming Community – “The Gaming Hub”

“The Gaming Hub” Discord server is one of the most active communities for gamers. With over 50,000 members, it offers a wide range of gaming channels catering to different platforms and genres. The community regularly organizes game tournaments, giveaways, and streams major gaming events live.

This server boasts an engaging community where members actively discuss their favorite games, share gameplay tips, and organize group play sessions. The text channels are always buzzing with conversations about the latest releases and gaming news.

Tech Enthusiasts – “Tech Talk”

“Tech Talk” is a Discord server dedicated to all things tech. With a membership of over 30,000, it attracts tech enthusiasts from all around the world. The server offers channels for discussions on various topics, including coding, hardware, software, and emerging technologies.

What sets “Tech Talk” apart is its active voice chat sessions where members engage in live discussions and seek advice from experts. The server also hosts regular coding challenges and provides a platform for developers to showcase their projects.

Anime and Manga – “Otaku Central”

If you’re an anime or manga lover, look no further than “Otaku Central.” This active Discord server has a vibrant community of over 20,000 members who share their love for Japanese animation and comics. The server provides channels for discussing favorite series, recommendations, cosplay ideas, and even language exchange.

“Otaku Central” organizes watch parties where members simultaneously watch episodes together and discuss them in real-time. The server also invites guest artists and voice actors for Q&A sessions and exclusive interviews.


While it’s challenging to determine the absolute most active Discord server due to the ever-changing nature of communities, these examples highlight some incredibly engaging servers within different niches. Whether you’re into gaming, technology, or anime, there are thriving communities waiting for you on Discord.

Remember that activity levels can vary based on individual interests and participation. So don’t hesitate to explore different servers until you find one that aligns with your passions!

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