What Is the HP Embedded Web Server?


Heather Bennett

The HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) is a powerful tool that allows users to manage and configure their HP printers and multifunction devices remotely. This web-based interface provides a convenient way to access and control various settings and features of the device, making it an essential component for both home and office use.

With the EWS, users can easily monitor the printer’s status, check ink levels, view print jobs in the queue, and even troubleshoot common issues. The user-friendly interface offers a range of customization options, ensuring that you can tailor the device to your specific needs.

Benefits of Using the HP Embedded Web Server

The EWS offers several benefits that make it an indispensable tool for managing your HP printer:

1. Remote Access: One of the key advantages of EWS is that it allows users to access and control their printers from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can easily monitor and manage your device even when you are not physically present.

2. Easy Configuration: The web-based interface simplifies the configuration process by providing a clear and intuitive layout. Users can quickly set up network connectivity, configure wireless settings, or change other printer parameters without any technical expertise.

3. Status Monitoring: With EWS, you can keep track of your printer’s status in real-time.

You can check if there are any errors or warnings, view paper levels, or monitor ink or toner levels. This feature helps ensure smooth operation and prevents any unexpected interruptions.

4. Print Job Management: The EWS allows users to manage print jobs efficiently by providing a central hub for all printing activities. You can view print queues, prioritize jobs, cancel print tasks if needed, or even schedule tasks for later execution.

5. Troubleshooting Assistance: In case of any issues with your printer, the EWS offers a range of troubleshooting tools and resources to help you diagnose and resolve problems. The interface provides step-by-step guidance for common issues, making it easier for users to troubleshoot without the need for technical support.

How to Access the HP Embedded Web Server

Accessing the EWS is a straightforward process:

1. Ensure that your HP printer is connected to your network and powered on. 2. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

3. Enter the IP address of your printer in the browser’s address bar. You can find this information by printing a network configuration page from your printer. 4. Press Enter, and you will be directed to the EWS login page.

Once logged in, you can explore the various settings and features offered by the EWS.


The HP Embedded Web Server is a valuable tool that enhances the usability and management of HP printers and multifunction devices. Its remote accessibility, easy configuration options, status monitoring capabilities, print job management features, and troubleshooting assistance make it an indispensable asset for users seeking efficient control over their printing devices.

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