What Is the DNS Server of China?


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What Is the DNS Server of China?

China, being one of the largest and most influential countries in the world, has its own unique infrastructure when it comes to internet services. One of the key elements of this infrastructure is the Domain Name System (DNS) server.

In this article, we will explore what the DNS server of China is and how it functions.

The Role of DNS Server

Before diving into the specifics of China’s DNS server, let’s briefly understand what a DNS server does. The DNS system is responsible for translating human-readable domain names, such as www.example.com, into machine-readable IP addresses, like

It acts as a directory that helps your computer locate and connect to websites on the internet.

China’s Unique DNS Server

China operates its own DNS server called “China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) DNS”. This server is managed by CNNIC, which is a state-run organization responsible for managing China’s internet infrastructure.

The CNNIC DNS primarily serves users within China and ensures that they have reliable and fast access to Chinese websites. However, it is important to note that this DNS server may not be accessible or optimal for users outside of China due to network limitations and censorship policies imposed by the Chinese government.

Features and Characteristics

  • Censorship: The CNNIC DNS server plays a significant role in implementing China’s extensive internet censorship policies commonly referred to as the “Great Firewall.” It filters and blocks access to certain websites and content that are deemed inappropriate or politically sensitive by the Chinese government.
  • Faster Local Access: By using a local DNS server, Chinese internet users can benefit from faster access to websites hosted within China. This is because the CNNIC DNS server caches frequently accessed domain names and their corresponding IP addresses, reducing the time required for DNS resolution.
  • Network Stability: The CNNIC DNS server helps ensure the stability and security of China’s internet infrastructure by providing reliable domain name resolution services to its users.

Using China’s DNS Server

In most cases, your computer or network router will automatically use your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) default DNS server. However, if you are located in China or wish to access Chinese websites more efficiently, you can manually configure your device or network settings to use the CNNIC DNS server.

To use the CNNIC DNS server, you need to change your device’s DNS settings. Typically, this can be done through the network settings menu on your computer or router configuration page.

Consult your device’s documentation or search online for specific instructions on how to change DNS settings for your operating system or router model.

When configuring your device with the CNNIC DNS server address, use the following information:

  • DNS Server IP Address:
  • Alternate DNS Server IP Address: 210.8

In Conclusion

The DNS server of China, managed by CNNIC, is an integral part of China’s internet infrastructure. It serves as a vital component in ensuring fast and reliable access to Chinese websites for users within China while also facilitating internet censorship policies imposed by the government.

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