What Is the DNS Server for United States?


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The DNS (Domain Name System) server is an essential part of the internet infrastructure that translates domain names into IP addresses. Every device connected to the internet, such as computers, smartphones, and servers, rely on DNS servers to locate and access websites and other online services. In the United States, there are several DNS servers that are widely used for reliable and efficient internet connectivity.

Primary U.S. DNS Servers

The primary DNS servers for the United States provide fast and reliable domain name resolution. These servers are operated by major internet service providers (ISPs) and organizations responsible for managing the country’s internet infrastructure. Here are some of the popular primary DNS servers in the United States:

  • Verizon – The Verizon DNS server provides excellent performance and reliability. Its IP addresses are 4.2.1 and 4.
  • Google Public DNS – Google Public DNS is a widely used alternative to ISP-provided DNS servers.

    Its IP addresses are 8.8.8 and 8.4.

  • OpenDNS – OpenDNS offers free public DNS services with additional features like content filtering and phishing protection. Its IP addresses are and 208.220.
  • Cloudflare – Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver focuses on privacy and security while providing fast performance globally as well as in the United States. Its IP addresses are 1.1.l and 1.l.O.

Secondary U.S .DNS Servers

In addition to primary DNS servers, secondary DNS servers provide redundancy and backup in case the primary servers experience issues. Here are some secondary DNS servers available in the United States:

  • Comcast – Comcast, one of the largest ISPs in the United States, operates secondary DNS servers for its subscribers. Its IP addresses are 75.75.75 and 75.76.
  • Quad9 – Quad9 is a nonprofit organization that provides secure and private DNS resolution with protection against malicious websites.

    Its IP addresses are 9.9.9 and 149.112.

  • Norton ConnectSafe – Norton ConnectSafe offers DNS services with security features to protect against malware, phishing, and other online threats. Its IP addresses are 199 .85 .126 .10 and l99 .127 .10.
  • Cisco OpenDNS – Cisco’s OpenDNS provides additional secondary DNS servers for users who prefer their services over other options. Its IP addresses are 208 .67 .222 .222 and l99 .126.l0.

Selecting a reliable DNS server is an important consideration for internet users in the United States to ensure fast and secure internet browsing experience.

Using these primary and secondary DNS servers can help improve your internet connection’s speed, reliability, privacy, and security while accessing websites or other online services from within the United States.

Remember that you can change your DNS server settings on your device or router to use any of these DNS servers mentioned above or try other providers based on your preferences and requirements.

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