What Is the DNS Server for AT&T?


Angela Bailey

Are you an AT&T customer wondering about the DNS server for your internet connection? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss what a DNS server is and provide you with the necessary information about the DNS server for AT&T.

What is a DNS Server?

Before we dive into the specifics of AT&T’s DNS server, let’s first understand what a DNS server is. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it plays a crucial role in translating human-readable domain names into IP addresses that computers can understand.

When you type a website’s URL into your browser, such as “www.example.com,” your computer needs to know the corresponding IP address to establish a connection. This is where the DNS server comes in. It acts as a directory that matches domain names to their corresponding IP addresses.

The DNS Server for AT&T

If you are an AT&T customer, you might be wondering what DNS server you should use. By default, AT&T provides its customers with automatic DNS settings. However, if you want to manually set up your DNS server or troubleshoot any issues, here are the details:

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server: 68.157.1

To manually configure your device to use these servers, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your device’s network settings.
  2. Select the option to change or configure your network connection.
  3. Locate the option related to “DNS settings” or “DNS servers.”
  4. Enter the primary and secondary DNS server addresses provided above.
  5. Save the changes and restart your device if necessary.

Benefits of Using AT&T’s DNS Server

Using AT&T’s DNS server can offer several advantages. Firstly, it can improve your browsing experience by providing faster and more reliable domain name resolution. Additionally, it ensures that you are using a trusted and secure DNS infrastructure provided by your internet service provider.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed what a DNS server is and provided the necessary information about the DNS server for AT&T. Whether you want to manually configure your DNS settings or troubleshoot any issues, knowing the details of AT&T’s DNS server can be useful. Remember, using AT&T’s DNS server can enhance your internet browsing experience and ensure secure domain name resolution.

Feel free to reach out to AT&T customer support if you have further questions or need assistance with your DNS settings. Happy browsing!

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