What Is the Data Type of Month in SQL?


Heather Bennett

In SQL, the data type for representing a month is called DATE. The DATE data type stores the year, month, and day information in a specific format. However, it does not store any time information.

Working with the DATE Data Type

The DATE data type allows you to perform various operations on dates such as comparing dates, extracting parts of a date (like month or year), and performing date calculations.

Storing and Retrieving Month Information

To store a specific month in SQL, you can use the DATE data type along with the appropriate format. For example:

  • Create a table with a column of the DATE data type:
    • CREATE TABLE my_table (my_date DATE);
  • Insert a specific month into the table:
    • INSERT INTO my_table VALUES ('2022-07-01');
  • To retrieve only the month from the stored date, you can use functions like:
    • SELECT MONTH(my_date) FROM my_table;

Date Functions for Manipulating Months

In SQL, there are several built-in functions that allow you to manipulate dates and extract information about specific parts of a date. Some commonly used functions for working with months include:

  • MONTH(): Returns the month part of a date as an integer.
  • DATEPART(): Returns the specified part of a date, such as the month.
  • DATEADD(): Adds or subtracts a specified number of intervals (days, months, years) to a date.
  • DATEDIFF(): Calculates the difference between two dates in terms of a specified interval (days, months, years).

These functions can be used in conjunction with other SQL clauses and operators to perform complex queries and calculations involving months.


In SQL, the DATE data type is used to represent dates, including the month. With various built-in functions for manipulating dates and extracting specific parts of a date, working with months in SQL becomes easier. By using these functions along with other SQL clauses and operators, you can perform advanced queries and calculations involving month-related data.

Remember to use the appropriate formatting when storing dates in the DATE data type to ensure consistency and accurate retrieval of month information.

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