What Is the Data Type of Date in Oracle?


Heather Bennett

In Oracle, the DATE data type is used to store date and time information. It is a combination of both date and time components. The DATE data type is represented by the format ‘DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS’, where DD represents the day, MON represents the month abbreviation, YYYY represents the four-digit year, HH represents the hour in 24-hour format, MI represents minutes, and SS represents seconds.

Date Components

The DATE data type stores various date and time components. These components include:

  • Year (YYYY): Represents the four-digit year. For example, 2022.
  • Month (MM): Represents the two-digit month number. Ranges from 01 to 12.
  • Day (DD): Represents the two-digit day number.

    Ranges from 01 to 31.

  • Hour (HH): Represents the hour in a 24-hour format. Ranges from 00 to 23.
  • Minute (MI): Represents minutes. Ranges from 00 to 59.
  • Second (SS): Represents seconds.

Date Format

The default format for displaying a date in Oracle is ‘DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS’. However, you can customize the display format using various functions like TO_CHAR().

Date Functions

In Oracle, there are several built-in functions available to manipulate the DATE data type. Some commonly used functions include:

  • SYSDATE: Returns the current date and time.
  • TO_CHAR(): Converts a date to a specific format for display.
  • TO_DATE(): Converts a string to a date format.
  • ADD_MONTHS(): Adds or subtracts months from a given date.
  • MONTHS_BETWEEN(): Calculates the number of months between two dates.

Date Comparison

In Oracle, you can compare dates using comparison operators such as greater than (>), less than (<), equal to (=), etc. When comparing dates, ensure that you consider both the date and time components if required.

Data Type Conversion

If you need to convert a different data type to a DATE, you can use the TO_DATE() function. This function allows you to specify the input string and its format mask to convert it into a valid date value. For example, TO_DATE('2022-05-15', 'YYYY-MM-DD').

The DATE data type in Oracle is essential for storing and manipulating date and time information accurately. Understanding its components, functions, and conversion methods will help you work effectively with dates in your Oracle database applications.

I hope this article provided valuable insights into the DATE data type in Oracle!

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