What Is the Data Type for the ID Field in Salesforce?


Heather Bennett

When working with Salesforce, one of the most important fields you’ll encounter is the ID field. The ID field is a unique identifier for each record in Salesforce and is automatically generated when a new record is created. It plays a crucial role in identifying and referencing records within the system.

Data Type:
The data type for the ID field in Salesforce is 18-character string. The ID consists of a combination of numbers and uppercase letters. It’s important to note that the ID field is case-sensitive, so “ABC123” and “abc123” would be considered two different IDs.

The length of the ID field is always 18 characters. This fixed length allows for efficient storage and indexing of records within Salesforce databases.

The format of the 18-character ID can vary depending on whether it represents a standard object or a custom object. Standard object IDs typically start with three characters representing the object’s key prefix, followed by 15 characters representing a unique identifier. Custom object IDs, on the other hand, start with three characters representing the key prefix assigned to the custom object by Salesforce, followed by five characters representing the custom object’s three-letter prefix and two additional characters.

Here’s an example to illustrate what an ID looks like: 003B00000123ABCDEF. In this example, “003” represents the key prefix for a standard object, while “B00” represents the three-letter prefix assigned to a custom object.

The ID field is primarily used for record identification and manipulation within Salesforce. It allows developers and administrators to reference specific records when performing operations such as updating, deleting, or querying data.

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When working with Apex code or SOQL queries within Salesforce, you can use the ID field to reference specific records. For example, you can retrieve a specific account record using its ID:

Account acc = [SELECT Name FROM Account WHERE Id = '001B00000123ABCDEF'];

In conclusion, the ID field in Salesforce is a unique identifier for each record and is represented as an 18-character string. Its fixed length and format make it efficient for storage and indexing purposes. Understanding the data type of the ID field is essential for working with records and performing operations within Salesforce.

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