What Is the Data Type for Date in SQLite?


Scott Campbell

SQLite is a popular relational database management system that is widely used for its simplicity and efficiency. One common requirement in database applications is the storage and manipulation of dates. In SQLite, the data type used to store dates is TEXT.

When storing dates in SQLite, it is important to use a consistent format to ensure proper sorting and comparison. The recommended format for storing dates in SQLite is YYYY-MM-DD. This format follows the ISO 8601 standard and allows for easy sorting and manipulation of date values.

To create a table with a date column, you can use the following SQL statement:

CREATE TABLE my_table (
   my_date TEXT

The my_date column in this example is defined as a TEXT data type, which means it can store any text value, including dates. However, it is important to note that SQLite does not have built-in support for date-specific operations or functions.

To perform operations on date values stored as TEXT, you will need to use SQL functions such as strftime() or convert the text values to appropriate date formats using your programming language of choice.

For example, if you want to retrieve records from a table where the date is greater than a specific value, you can use the following SQL query:

SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE strftime('%Y-%m-%d', my_date) > '2020-01-01';

In this query, we are using the strftime() function to convert the my_date column into a valid date format that SQLite can compare against. The result will be all records where the date is greater than January 1st, 2020.

It’s worth noting that while storing dates as TEXT provides flexibility in terms of formatting, it also means that you need to handle date-related operations manually. If your application requires extensive date manipulation, you may consider using a different database system with built-in support for date data types and functions.

In summary, the data type for dates in SQLite is TEXT. When working with dates in SQLite, it is important to use a consistent format and rely on SQL functions or programming language libraries to perform date-related operations.

With the proper handling and formatting, SQLite can effectively store and retrieve date values in your database applications.

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