What Is the Data Type Float?


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What Is the Data Type Float?

In programming, a data type is an attribute or classification that determines the type of data that a variable can hold. One commonly used data type is the float.

Definition of Float

A float is a data type in programming languages that represents decimal numbers. It stands for “floating-point number” and is used to store values with fractional parts. For example, 3.14 and -0.5 are both examples of float values.

Precision and Range

The precision and range of float values depend on the programming language or system being used, but they generally provide a good balance between accuracy and storage efficiency.


  • A float typically has around 7 decimal digits of precision.
  • This means that it can accurately represent numbers with up to 7 digits after the decimal point.
  • For example, the float value 3.1415926 has 7 digits of precision.


  • The range of a float value depends on the specific implementation, but it’s usually quite large.
  • A common range for a float is approximately ±3.4 × 10^38.
  • This means that it can represent very small and very large numbers, such as -3.4 × 10^38 and 3.

Using Floats in Programming

In programming, floats are often used when dealing with calculations involving decimal numbers. They are particularly useful when precision is not a critical factor, such as in graphics rendering or scientific simulations.

Here’s an example of using floats in Python:

# Declare a float variable
pi = 3.14159

# Perform calculations with floats
radius = 2.5
area = pi * (radius ** 2)

# Print the result
print("The area of the circle is:", area)

In this example, the float variable pi is used to store the value of π (pi), and the float variable radius is used to store the radius of a circle. The calculation for finding the area of the circle uses floats, and the final result is printed to the console.


Floats are a fundamental data type in programming languages that allow for storing decimal numbers with good precision and range. They are commonly used in various applications, especially when dealing with calculations involving fractional values. By understanding how floats work, you can effectively utilize them in your programs.

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