What Is the Best Hypixel Skyblock Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Are you a fan of Hypixel Skyblock and looking for the best Discord server to join? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore some of the top Hypixel Skyblock Discord servers that offer a vibrant community, helpful resources, and exciting events. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these servers are sure to enhance your gaming experience.

The Pit

One of the most popular Hypixel Skyblock Discord servers is “The Pit”. This server is dedicated to all things related to The Pit game mode on Hypixel. With over 10,000 members, it offers a bustling community where players can connect with each other, discuss strategies, and find parties for cooperative play.

The Pit server features a variety of channels for different purposes. From general chat channels where players can engage in casual conversations to specific channels for discussing game updates, strategies, and trading tips. The server also has dedicated voice channels for players who prefer real-time communication during gameplay.

Events and Giveaways

One of the standout features of The Pit server is its regular events and giveaways. The server hosts frequent tournaments and competitions where players can showcase their skills and win exciting prizes. Additionally, they often organize giveaways for in-game items, coins, and even rank upgrades on the Hypixel network.

  • Tournaments: Join thrilling PvP tournaments with various game modes to test your combat abilities against other skilled players.
  • Races: Compete against fellow players in races through challenging courses filled with obstacles and rewards.
  • Parkour Challenges: Put your parkour skills to the test by participating in parkour challenges designed to challenge even the most agile players.

The Hypixel Network

Another highly recommended Discord server for Hypixel Skyblock enthusiasts is the official Hypixel Network server. With a massive player base of millions, this server offers a one-stop destination for all things related to Hypixel games.

While the server caters to players of various game modes on the Hypixel network, it has dedicated channels and resources specifically for Hypixel Skyblock. Players can find guides, tutorials, and tips from experienced players who are eager to help newcomers and share their expertise with the community.

Marketplace and Trading

The Hypixel Network server also features an extensive marketplace section where players can buy, sell, and trade items with each other. Whether you’re looking for rare weapons, armor, or resources, this server has a dedicated channel for all your trading needs. It’s an excellent place to connect with other players and potentially strike up lucrative deals.

In addition to the marketplace, the server provides channels for discussing auction house trends, price checks for items, and even a channel specifically for guild recruitment. This makes it easier for players to find like-minded individuals to team up with and embark on exciting adventures together.


When it comes to finding the best Hypixel Skyblock Discord servers, both The Pit and The Hypixel Network offer fantastic communities with different focuses. While The Pit specializes in The Pit game mode with its vibrant community and regular events, The Hypixel Network serves as a comprehensive hub for all things related to the entire Hypixel network.

No matter which server you choose or if you decide to join both, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for Hypixel Skyblock. So what are you waiting for? Dive into these servers today and take your gaming experience to the next level!

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