What Is TEXT Data Type in Postgres?


Scott Campbell

What Is TEXT Data Type in Postgres?

In PostgreSQL, the TEXT data type is used to store character strings of variable length. It can hold any character, including letters, numbers, and special characters. The TEXT data type is a versatile option for storing large amounts of text data efficiently.

Benefits of Using the TEXT Data Type

The TEXT data type offers several advantages over other character data types in PostgreSQL:

  • Variable Length: Unlike the CHAR or VARCHAR data types, which have a fixed length, the TEXT data type allows for storing strings of different lengths without wasting space.
  • Efficient Storage: PostgreSQL automatically optimizes storage based on the actual length of the text. This means that shorter strings take up less storage space.
  • No Truncation: When inserting or updating values into a TEXT column, PostgreSQL does not truncate the input. It preserves the full string length even if it exceeds the defined column length.
  • Faster Operations: TEXT columns perform faster than other character types when used in search operations or string manipulation functions.

Creating a Table with a TEXT Column

To create a table with a TEXT column in PostgreSQL, you can use the following syntax:

CREATE TABLE my_table (
    message TEXT

In this example, we create a table called “my_table” with two columns: “id” and “message”. The “id” column is of type SERIAL and serves as the primary key. The “message” column is defined as TEXT to store the text data.

Inserting and Retrieving TEXT Values

Once you have a table with a TEXT column, you can insert and retrieve values using INSERT and SELECT statements. Here’s an example:

INSERT INTO my_table (message) VALUES ('This is a sample text.');

SELECT message FROM my_table;

The first query inserts the string “This is a sample text.” into the “message” column of the “my_table” table. The second query retrieves all values from the “message” column.


The TEXT data type in PostgreSQL provides a flexible and efficient way to store variable-length character strings. It offers benefits such as variable length storage, efficient storage utilization, no truncation of input, and faster operations. By understanding how to create tables with a TEXT column and insert/retrieve values, you can effectively use the TEXT data type in your PostgreSQL databases.

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