What Is TEXT Data Type Example?


Angela Bailey

The TEXT data type is used in databases to store large amounts of unstructured text. It is commonly used to store long paragraphs, articles, or even entire books. In this article, we will explore the TEXT data type and provide examples of how it can be used.

Overview of the TEXT Data Type

The TEXT data type is a character data type that can hold up to 65,535 characters. It is often used when you need to store a large amount of text that exceeds the capacity of other character data types like VARCHAR or CHAR. The TEXT data type is widely supported in popular database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

Syntax for Creating a TEXT Column

To create a column with the TEXT data type in a database table, you can use the following syntax:

CREATE TABLE table_name (
   column_name TEXT

This will create a column named “column_name” with the TEXT data type.

Example Usage:

Create a Table:

Let’s say we want to create a table named “articles” that stores various articles written by authors. We can define a column named “content” as a TEXT data type to store the article content.

CREATE TABLE articles (
   title VARCHAR(255),
   content TEXT

In this example, we have created an “articles” table with three columns: “id”, “title”, and “content”. The “content” column has been defined as TEXT data type to store the article content.

Insert Data:

Now let’s insert some sample data into the “articles” table:

INSERT INTO articles (id, title, content)
VALUES (1, 'Introduction to HTML', 'HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language..');

In this example, we have inserted a row into the “articles” table with an ID of 1, a title of “Introduction to HTML”, and the corresponding article content.

Retrieve Data:

To retrieve the content of an article from the “articles” table, you can use a SELECT statement:

SELECT content
FROM articles
WHERE id = 1;

This query will return the TEXT value stored in the “content” column for the article with an ID of 1.


The TEXT data type is a powerful tool for storing large amounts of unstructured text in databases. It allows you to efficiently store and retrieve long paragraphs, articles, or any other form of textual information.

By understanding how to use the TEXT data type and its syntax, you can effectively manage and manipulate large volumes of text within your database.

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