What Is Structure Data Type?


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What Is Structure Data Type?

When it comes to programming, understanding data types is essential. One commonly used data type is the structure data type. Structures allow you to group related variables together into a single unit, creating a more organized and efficient way to store and access data.

Defining a Structure

In HTML, you can define a structure using the <struct> tag. This tag allows you to define the blueprint for your structure, specifying the variables it will contain and their respective data types.

To define a structure, use the following syntax:

    <var name="variable1" type="datatype1" />
    <var name="variable2" type="datatype2" />

The <var> tags within the <struct> element represent individual variables within the structure. The “name” attribute specifies the variable name, while the “type” attribute specifies its data type.

Accessing Structure Variables

To access variables within a structure, you can use dot notation. Simply specify the structure variable followed by a dot and then the name of the desired variable.


You can then perform operations on these variables or extract their values for further processing.


    <title>Structure Example</title>

<p><b>Structures in HTML Example:</b></p>

    <var name="name" type="text" />
    <var name="age" type="number" />

    var person = {
        name: "John Doe",
        age: 25

    document.write("<p>" + person.name + " is " + person.age + " years old.</p>");


The above example demonstrates how to define a structure and access its variables in HTML. In this case, we define a structure with two variables: “name” of type text and “age” of type number. We then create an instance of the structure using JavaScript and display the values of its variables using the document.write() method.

Advantages of Using Structure Data Type

  • Simplicity: Structures provide a simple way to organize related data into a single unit.
  • Efficiency: With structures, you can efficiently store and retrieve multiple variables at once, reducing the need for separate variables.
  • Readability: Structures improve code readability by grouping related data together, making it easier for other developers to understand your code.


The structure data type is an essential tool in programming that allows you to group related variables together. By using structures, you can create more organized and efficient code that is easier to read and maintain. With proper implementation, structures can greatly enhance the functionality and organization of your programs.

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