What Is String in Data Structure With Example?


Heather Bennett

A string is a data structure used in programming to store a sequence of characters. In simple terms, it is a collection of characters enclosed within quotation marks. In this article, we will explore the concept of strings and understand how they are used in various programming languages.


A string can be defined as a series of characters, such as letters, numbers, symbols, or even spaces. It can include any combination of these characters and has a specific length determined by the number of characters it contains. Strings are commonly used to represent words, sentences, or any textual data in computer programs.

Creating a String

In most programming languages, including JavaScript and Python, you can create a string by enclosing the desired characters within single quotes (”) or double quotes (“”). For example:

'Hello World!' or "Welcome to my website!"

The above examples show how to create strings containing simple phrases. However, strings can also be empty:

'' or ""

String Operations

Strings support various operations that allow you to manipulate and work with them effectively. Let’s explore some of the common operations:


Concatenation is the process of combining two or more strings into one. In most programming languages, you can use the concatenation operator (+) to join strings together. Here’s an example:

'Hello' + 'World!'

The output of this operation would be:



The length of a string refers to the number of characters it contains. You can use the length property or function to determine the length of a string. Here’s an example:

'Hello World!'.length

Accessing String Characters

You can access individual characters within a string using their index positions. In most programming languages, strings are zero-indexed, meaning the first character is at index 0 and so on. Here’s an example:

'Hello World!'[0]


In summary, a string is a fundamental data structure used in programming to store and manipulate textual data. It allows you to work with words, sentences, or any combination of characters conveniently. Understanding strings and their operations is crucial for developing robust and efficient software applications.

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