What Is String and Its Operations in Data Structure?


Larry Thompson

In data structure, a string is a sequence of characters. It is one of the most commonly used data types and is widely used in programming languages to represent textual data. A string can contain letters, numbers, symbols, and whitespace.

String Operations

1. Concatenation:

Concatenation is the process of combining two or more strings into a single string. In HTML, you can use the + operator or the .concat() method to concatenate strings.

var str1 = "Hello";
var str2 = " World!";
var result = str1 + str2; // Output: "Hello World!"

var str3 = "Hello";
var str4 = " World!";
var result2 = str3.concat(str4); // Output: "Hello World!"

2. Length:

The length of a string refers to the number of characters it contains. In HTML, you can use the .length property to get the length of a string.

var str = "Hello World!";
var length = str.length; // Output: 12

3. Accessing Characters:

To access individual characters within a string, you can use indexing. In HTML, strings are zero-indexed, meaning the first character has an index of 0.

var str = "Hello";
var firstChar = str[0]; // Output: "H"
var lastChar = str[str.length - 1]; // Output: "o"

4. Substring:

A substring is a portion of a string.substring() method to extract a substring from a string.

var str = "Hello World!";
var substring = str.substring(6, 11); // Output: "World"

5. Searching:

To search for a specific character or substring within a string, you can use the .indexOf() method. It returns the index of the first occurrence of the specified character or substring.

var str = "Hello World!";
var index = str.indexOf("o"); // Output: 4


In this tutorial, we have explored various string operations in data structure. We have learned about concatenation, length, accessing characters, extracting substrings, and searching within strings. These operations are essential when working with textual data in programming languages.

By mastering these string operations, you will be able to manipulate and process text effectively in your programs.

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