What Is Sh in Shell Scripting?


Larry Thompson

In Shell scripting, the sh command is used to execute shell scripts or shell commands. The sh command stands for “shell” and is a program that provides an interface for users to interact with the operating system. It is a powerful tool that allows users to automate tasks, run commands, and perform various operations within a shell environment.

What is Shell Scripting?

Shell scripting is a way of writing scripts or programs using a shell language. A shell script is a series of commands written in a file and executed by the shell. Shell scripts can be used to automate repetitive tasks, perform system administration tasks, or even create complex programs.

The sh Command

The sh command is commonly used in Unix-like operating systems as the default command interpreter for executing shell scripts. It is also known as the Bourne shell.

Executing Shell Scripts

To execute a shell script using the sh command, you need to provide the path to the script file as an argument. For example:

  • $ sh myscript.sh

This command will execute the myscript.sh file using the sh interpreter.

The Shebang Line

In Unix-like systems, it’s common to start a shell script with a shebang line. The shebang line specifies which interpreter should be used to execute the script.

The shebang line for using the sh interpreter looks like this:

  • #!/bin/sh

By including this line at the beginning of the script, you can execute it directly without explicitly specifying the interpreter.

Shell Commands

The sh command can also be used to execute shell commands directly without the need for a script file. For example:

  • $ sh -c “echo Hello, World!”

This command will execute the shell command echo Hello, World! using the sh interpreter.


The sh command is a powerful tool for executing shell scripts and shell commands. It provides an interface to interact with the operating system and automate tasks. By understanding how to use the sh command, you can harness its power to simplify complex tasks and improve your efficiency as a developer or system administrator.

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