What Is Server Boosting in Discord?


Larry Thompson

What Is Server Boosting in Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform for gamers, and one of its features is server boosting. Server boosting allows users to enhance their favorite servers by providing exclusive perks and benefits to the community.

In this article, we will explore what server boosting is all about and how it can benefit both the server owners and the members.

Why Boost a Server?

Server boosting plays a crucial role in making a server more prominent and attractive within the Discord community. When users boost a server, they contribute to its overall growth, visibility, and reputation. Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider boosting a server:

  • Exclusive Perks: By boosting a server, you gain access to exclusive perks such as custom emojis, enhanced audio quality, animated server icons, increased file upload limits, and more.
  • Recognition: Boosting a server grants you special recognition in the form of a shiny badge that appears next to your username. This badge symbolizes your contribution towards supporting the community.
  • Promotion: Boosted servers enjoy higher visibility on Discord’s server directory, making them more likely to attract new members who are searching for communities to join.
  • Community Support: By boosting a server, you show your support for the community and help create an environment where everyone can enjoy their gaming experience.

How Does Server Boosting Work?

To boost a server on Discord, you need to be an active member of that particular community. Here’s how it works:

  1. Selecting a Server: Choose the server you want to boost. It can be a server you are already a member of or one that you’ve been invited to by a friend.
  2. Boosting Level: Discord offers different boosting levels, and each level unlocks additional perks for the server.

    The more members that boost the server, the higher the level it achieves.

  3. Boosting: Click on the “Server Boost” button located in the server settings or on the server’s homepage. Select how many boosts you want to contribute and complete the process.
  4. Enjoy Perks: Once you’ve boosted a server, you instantly gain access to all the perks associated with that particular boosting level.

Becoming a Server Booster

To become a server booster, you can either choose to boost your favorite servers individually or subscribe to Discord Nitro, which automatically boosts one server of your choice. Here are some important points to note:

  • Boosting Limit: Each user can only boost one server at a time unless they have an active Discord Nitro subscription, which allows them to boost an additional server.
  • Nitro Boosting: Discord Nitro subscribers enjoy additional benefits such as increased file upload size, animated emojis across all servers, and access to Nitro-exclusive games and content.

In Conclusion

Server boosting is an exciting feature in Discord that allows users to support their favorite communities and gain exclusive perks in return. By boosting a server, you help elevate its presence within the platform and contribute towards creating a more engaging and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

So why not consider becoming a server booster today and make a positive impact on the Discord community?

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