What Is Scripting Bash?


Larry Thompson

What Is Scripting Bash?

Bash scripting is a powerful tool that allows you to automate tasks and create custom programs in the Linux environment. With the help of Bash scripting, you can write a series of commands that are executed in sequential order, making it easier to perform complex tasks with minimal effort.

Why Use Bash Scripting?

Bash scripting offers several advantages over manually entering commands in the terminal:

  • Saves Time: By automating repetitive tasks, you can save a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Increased Productivity: With bash scripting, you can combine multiple commands into a single script, reducing the need to type them individually.
  • Error Reduction: Scripts allow for consistency and minimize human error when executing complex sets of commands.

Getting Started with Bash Scripting

To start writing bash scripts, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a New File: Open your favorite text editor and create a new file with a ‘.sh’ extension. For example, ‘myscript.sh’.
  2. Add Shebang Line: The first line of your script should be the shebang line. It tells the system which interpreter to use.

    For bash scripts, use ‘#!/bin/bash’.

  3. Write Your Script: Below the shebang line, start writing your script by adding commands one after another. Each command should be on a new line.
  4. Save and Make Executable: Once done writing your script, save it and make it executable using the ‘chmod +x’ command. For example, ‘chmod +x myscript.
  5. Execute Your Script: To execute your script, navigate to the directory where it is saved and run ‘./myscript.sh’ command in the terminal.

Example Bash Script

Let’s take a look at a simple bash script that prints “Hello, World!” to the terminal:

echo "Hello, World!"

In this example, the shebang line indicates that the script should be interpreted using bash. The ‘echo’ command is used to print the text “Hello, World!” to the terminal.


Bash scripting provides a convenient way to automate tasks and create custom programs in Linux. By utilizing bash scripting, you can save time, increase productivity, and reduce errors. With these basics in mind, you are now ready to start exploring the world of bash scripting and unlock its full potential.

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