What Is Scripting and Coding?


Larry Thompson

What Is Scripting and Coding?

Coding and scripting are two fundamental concepts in the world of computer programming. They are essential tools for creating software, websites, and other digital applications. While both involve writing instructions for computers to follow, there are distinct differences between the two.


Coding refers to the process of writing instructions in a specific programming language. These instructions are written using a syntax that the computer can understand and execute. Coding is typically used to create complex software applications, operating systems, and video games.

There are numerous programming languages available today, such as Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript. Each language has its own syntax rules and conventions. Programmers use these languages to define how a particular application should behave.

For example, if you were coding a simple calculator application in Python, you would write code that defines how the calculator performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division operations.

In coding, it’s crucial to pay attention to details and accuracy. A small mistake or typo can lead to errors that prevent the program from running correctly.


Scripting is a subset of coding that focuses on automating specific tasks or processes within an existing system or application. Scripts are usually written in scripting languages like JavaScript or Perl.

Unlike coding languages designed for building entire applications from scratch, scripting languages excel at performing smaller tasks within an established framework. For instance, web developers often use JavaScript to add interactivity to websites by creating scripts that respond to user actions like button clicks or form submissions.

Scripts are generally interpreted rather than compiled like traditional code. This means that they don’t need to be compiled into machine code before they can be executed. Instead, they run directly by an interpreter within the Target environment.


The main difference between coding and scripting lies in their scope and purpose. Coding is used to build entire applications, whereas scripting focuses on automating specific tasks within existing systems. Coding languages are generally more complex and require a deeper understanding of programming concepts, while scripting languages are often simpler and more accessible.

Another key difference is how the two are executed. Code is compiled into machine language or bytecode before running, while scripts are interpreted directly by an interpreter without prior compilation.

In summary, coding involves writing instructions in a programming language to create full-fledged applications, while scripting focuses on automating tasks within existing systems using scripting languages. Both coding and scripting play vital roles in the world of computer programming, offering programmers powerful tools to bring their ideas to life.

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