What Is RD Web Access Server?


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What Is RD Web Access Server?

RD Web Access Server, also known as Remote Desktop Web Access, is a feature in Windows Server that allows users to access remote desktops and applications through a web browser. It provides a web-based interface that enables users to connect to RemoteApp programs, virtual desktops, and session-based desktops hosted on a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server.

Main Features of RD Web Access Server:

The RD Web Access Server offers several key features that enhance the remote desktop experience:

  • RemoteApp Programs: Users can access individual applications installed on the RDS server without the need for a full remote desktop session.
  • Virtual Desktops: Users can connect to full Windows desktop sessions running on the RDS server.
  • Session-Based Desktops: Multiple users can share the same server and run their own separate desktop sessions.

Benefits of Using RD Web Access Server:

The use of RD Web Access Server brings several advantages for both administrators and end-users:

  • Simplified Access: With RD Web Access, users can easily access their remote desktops and applications from any device with a web browser, eliminating the need for client software installation.
  • Centralized Management: Administrators can centrally manage and publish remote apps and virtual desktops, making it easier to control user access and ensure security.
  • User Experience Customization: The web-based interface provided by RD Web Access allows administrators to customize the appearance of the portal according to their organization’s branding.

How RD Web Access Server Works:

RD Web Access Server acts as a gateway between users and the Remote Desktop Services infrastructure. When a user accesses the RD Web Access portal, they are presented with a list of available remote desktops and applications.

Upon selecting a remote desktop or application, the RD Web Access Server establishes a secure connection with the appropriate RDS server and launches the session or program on behalf of the user. The user can then interact with the remote desktop or application directly within their web browser.

Requirements for Deploying RD Web Access Server:

In order to deploy RD Web Access Server, you need:

  • A Windows Server operating system with Remote Desktop Services installed
  • A valid SSL certificate to secure communications between the client and server
  • A configured Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) if accessing resources from outside the local network

Note: It is important to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place when deploying an RD Web Access Server to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive resources.


RD Web Access Server is a powerful tool that simplifies remote desktop access for users while allowing administrators to centrally manage and publish applications. By leveraging this feature of Windows Server, organizations can provide a seamless remote working experience and enhance productivity.

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