What Is Pop in Data Structure?


Scott Campbell

Data structures are an essential part of computer science and programming. They allow us to store and organize data in an efficient way, enabling us to perform operations quickly and effectively. One commonly used data structure is the “pop” data structure.

What Is Pop?

Pop is a term used in computer science to refer to the removal of an element from a data structure. It is the opposite of “push,” which is the act of adding an element to a data structure. The pop operation typically removes the last added element, although in some cases, it can also remove elements from other positions.

Using Pop with Arrays

In many programming languages, arrays are a fundamental data structure that allows us to store multiple elements of the same type in a contiguous block of memory. When using arrays, the pop operation removes the last element added to the array.


  • Create an empty array: int[] numbers = new int[5];
  • Add elements to the array: numbers[0] = 1;, numbers[1] = 2;, numbers[2] = 3;
  • Pop the last element from the array: int poppedElement = numbers[numbers.Length - 1];

In this example, we create an empty array with a length of 5. We then add three elements to the array. Finally, we use the pop operation to remove and retrieve the last element added (in this case, 3).

Using Pop with Stacks

A stack is another commonly used data structure that follows a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) order. Elements are added and removed from the top of the stack. The pop operation removes the top element from the stack.

  • Create an empty stack: Stack<int> numberStack = new Stack<int>();
  • Add elements to the stack: numberStack.Push(1);, numberStack.Push(2);, numberStack.Push(3);
  • Pop the top element from the stack: int poppedElement = numberStack.Pop();

In this example, we create an empty stack using a built-in data structure in C#. We then add three elements to the stack using the push operation. Finally, we use the pop operation to remove and retrieve the top element from the stack (in this case, 3).


The pop operation is a fundamental concept in computer science that allows us to remove elements from data structures. It is particularly useful when working with arrays and stacks. Understanding how to use it effectively can greatly improve our ability to manipulate and manage data efficiently.

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