What Is Point Data Type in Java?


Scott Campbell

What Is Point Data Type in Java?

In Java, the Point data type is a class that represents a location in a two-dimensional coordinate system. It is part of the java.awt package and provides methods to manipulate and retrieve information about a point’s x and y coordinates.

The Point Class

The Point class in Java offers a convenient way to work with points. It is commonly used in graphical user interfaces (GUI) and computer graphics applications where the position of objects on the screen needs to be represented.

To create an instance of the Point class, you can use the following syntax:

        Point p = new Point(x, y);

The x and y parameters represent the coordinates of the point. You can initialize them with specific values or leave them uninitialized, in which case they will default to 0.

Working with Points

The Point class provides several methods that allow you to perform operations on points:

  • x(): Returns the x-coordinate of the point.
  • y(): Returns the y-coordinate of the point.
  • distance(Point p): Calculates the Euclidean distance between two points.
  • setLocation(double x, double y): Sets the location of the point to the specified coordinates.
  • translate(double dx, double dy): Moves the point by the specified amount in both the x and y directions.

Here’s an example that demonstrates how to use some of these methods:

        Point p1 = new Point(3, 4);
        int x = p1.x(); // x is now 3
        int y = p1.y(); // y is now 4

        Point p2 = new Point(6, 8);
        double distance = p1.distance(p2); // distance is now approximately 5.0

        p1.translate(2, 2); // p1's coordinates are now (5, 6)


The Point data type in Java provides a convenient way to represent and manipulate points in a two-dimensional coordinate system. It offers methods for retrieving and modifying the coordinates of a point, calculating distances between points, and translating points. Understanding how to work with points can be valuable when developing graphical applications or working with computer graphics.

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