What Is pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server?


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What Is pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server?

pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server is a powerful tool that allows you to block unwanted web content on your network. It acts as a DNS sinkhole, redirecting requests for blocked domains to a local web server, which then displays a block page to the user.

The Benefits of pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server

Using pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server has several advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: By blocking access to malicious websites and known threat sources, you can significantly improve the security of your network.
  • Increased Productivity: With the ability to block distracting or time-wasting websites, you can help ensure that your employees or family members stay focused on their tasks.
  • Customization: The pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server allows you to create customized block pages with your own branding or messaging.

How Does pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server Work?

The pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server works by leveraging the power of the pfSense firewall software. It integrates with the firewall’s DNS resolver and intercepts requests for blocked domains. Instead of resolving the requested domain to its actual IP address, it redirects the request to the local web server hosting the block page.

The web server then serves a customizable block page, alerting the user that access to the requested content has been denied. This process happens transparently and seamlessly for users on your network.

Configuring pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server

To configure pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server, follow these steps:

  1. Install and configure pfSense firewall software on your network.
  2. Install the pfBlockerNG package from the pfSense package manager.
  3. Configure pfBlockerNG to block desired domains or IP addresses.
  4. Enable the DNSBL feature in pfBlockerNG.
  5. Create a custom block page using HTML and CSS.
  6. Configure the pfBlockerNG DNS Resolver to redirect blocked requests to the local web server hosting the block page.

Note: This is a high-level overview of the configuration process. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found in the official documentation for pfBlockerNG.


The pfBlockerNG DNSBL Web Server is an essential tool for network administrators looking to enhance security, improve productivity, and customize their block pages. By leveraging this powerful solution, you can effectively control access to unwanted web content on your network.

Remember, proper configuration and maintenance are crucial for optimal performance. Regularly update your block lists and review logs to ensure that your network remains protected against emerging threats.

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