What Is Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition?


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What Is Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition?

If you are looking for a robust and scalable database management system for your web applications, then Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition might be the perfect solution for you. Designed specifically for web hosting environments, SQL Server Web Edition provides all the essential features and functionalities necessary to power modern web applications.

Key Features of Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition

1. Scalability:

SQL Server Web Edition allows you to easily scale your database to meet the growing demands of your web application. With support for up to 524 PB of storage, you can store vast amounts of data without worrying about limitations.

2. High Availability:

Ensuring high availability is crucial for web applications that require continuous access to their databases. SQL Server Web Edition offers various features such as database mirroring and log shipping that help maintain database availability and minimize downtime.

3. Security:

Data security is a top concern for any web application. SQL Server Web Edition provides advanced security features like transparent data encryption, robust authentication mechanisms, and role-based access control to protect your valuable data from unauthorized access.

Licensing and Limitations

In terms of licensing, it’s important to note that SQL Server Web Edition is not available under the usual CAL (Client Access License) model but instead follows a per-core licensing model. This means that you need to obtain licenses based on the number of physical cores on your server.

However, there are some limitations associated with SQL Server Web Edition:

  • CPU Limitation: The maximum number of CPU cores supported by this edition is 16.
  • RAM Limitation: SQL Server Web Edition supports a maximum of 64 GB of RAM.
  • Database Size Limitation: The maximum database size allowed is 524 PB.


Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition is a powerful and feature-rich database management system specifically designed for web hosting environments. With its scalability, high availability, and robust security features, it provides an excellent foundation for powering your web applications. However, it’s important to consider the licensing model and limitations associated with this edition before making a decision.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient database solution for your web applications, Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition is definitely worth exploring.

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