What Is Meant by JSP Scripting Element and Discuss Its Types With an Example?


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What Is Meant by JSP Scripting Element and Discuss Its Types With an Example?

JSP, or JavaServer Pages, is a technology that allows developers to embed Java code into HTML web pages. It enables the dynamic generation of web content by combining the power of Java with the simplicity of HTML.

One of the key features of JSP is the scripting element, which allows developers to write Java code directly within the JSP page.

Types of JSP Scripting Elements:

There are three types of scripting elements in JSP:

  • Scriptlet:
  • The scriptlet is denoted by <% .. %> tags and is used to write blocks of Java code within the JSP page. This code is executed when the JSP page is processed on the server.

  • Expression:
  • The expression element is denoted by <%= . %> tags and is used to evaluate and display the result of a Java expression directly within the HTML content. This expression can be a variable, method call, or any valid Java expression that returns a value.

  • Declaration:
  • The declaration element is denoted by <%! . %> tags and is used to declare methods or variables accessible throughout the entire JSP page.

    These declarations are typically placed outside any method or class.


Let’s take a look at an example that demonstrates how these different scripting elements can be used in a JSP page:

    int calculateSum(int num1, int num2) {
        return num1 + num2;

    <title>JSP Scripting Element Example</title>
    <h1>JSP Scripting Element Example</h1>

    <% int x = 10; %>
    <p>The value of x is: <% out.println(x); %></p>

    <p>Sum of 5 and 7 is: <% out.println(calculateSum(5, 7)); %></p>

    <p>Current date and time: <% out.println(new java.util.Date()); %></p>

In this example, we have used the declaration element to define a method called calculateSum that calculates the sum of two numbers. The scriptlet element is used to declare and print the value of a variable x.

The expression element is used to evaluate the sum using the calculateSum method and display it. Lastly, another expression element is used to print the current date and time using the java.Date class.

By utilizing these different types of scripting elements, developers can easily create dynamic web pages that incorporate Java logic seamlessly. It allows for greater flexibility and control over web content generation and customization.

In conclusion, JSP scripting elements provide a powerful way to integrate Java code within HTML pages. The three types – scriptlet, expression, and declaration – enable developers to write Java code, evaluate expressions, and declare variables and methods directly within JSP pages.

This combination of Java and HTML makes it easier to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

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