What Is Maximum Size of Text Data Type in Postgres?


Angela Bailey

The text data type in PostgreSQL allows you to store character data of variable length. It is a versatile data type that can be used to store small or large amounts of text. However, there is a maximum size limit for the text data type in PostgreSQL.

Maximum Size of Text Data Type
The maximum size limit for the text data type in PostgreSQL is 1 GB. This means that you can store up to 1 GB of character data in a single column of the text data type.

How to Define a Text Column
To define a column with the text data type, you can use the TEXT keyword in your CREATE TABLE statement. Here’s an example:

CREATE TABLE my_table (
id serial PRIMARY KEY,
my_text_column TEXT

The my_text_column column in the above example is defined as a text data type.

Working with Large Text Data

When working with large amounts of text data, it’s important to consider performance implications. Storing and retrieving large text values can impact the performance of your database queries.

PostgreSQL provides several functions and operators that allow you to work with and manipulate text values efficiently. These functions include concatenation, substring extraction, pattern matching, and many more.

Text Compression

If you have very large text values that are repetitive or compressible, PostgreSQL provides a feature called TOAST (The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique) to automatically compress and store such values out-of-line.

TOAST allows you to store large values separately from the main table storage, reducing the amount of disk space required and improving query performance.

Handling Long Text Values

If you need to handle long text values that exceed the maximum size limit of the text data type, you can use the BYTEA data type. The BYTEA data type allows you to store binary data of variable length, including long text values.

However, working with the BYTEA data type requires additional steps to convert text to binary and vice versa. You need to handle encoding and decoding of text data manually.


In summary, the maximum size limit for the text data type in PostgreSQL is 1 GB. This provides ample storage capacity for most text-based applications. However, if you have very large or long text values, you can utilize features like TOAST or consider using the BYTEA data type for efficient storage and retrieval.

Remember to optimize your queries and consider performance implications when working with large text values in your PostgreSQL database.

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