What Is Jsonb Data Type in PostgreSQL?


Scott Campbell

The JSONB data type in PostgreSQL is a powerful tool for storing and querying JSON data. JSONB stands for “JSON Binary” and it allows you to efficiently store and manipulate JSON documents in a binary format. This data type offers several advantages over the standard JSON data type.

Advantages of JSONB

There are several advantages of using the JSONB data type in PostgreSQL:

  • Efficient Storage: JSONB stores data in a binary format, which makes it more compact and efficient compared to the standard JSON format. This results in faster retrieval and storage times.
  • Indexing Support: PostgreSQL allows you to create indexes on JSONB columns, which enables faster searching and querying of JSON documents.
  • Querying Flexibility: With JSONB, you can perform various operations on the stored data, such as searching for specific keys, filtering based on values, and even performing complex queries using the rich set of operators provided by PostgreSQL.
  • Data Integrity: Unlike the standard JSON type, which allows storing invalid or malformed JSON documents, JSONB enforces strict validity checks. This ensures that only valid JSON data is stored in the database.

Working with JSONB

To work with the JSONB data type in PostgreSQL, you can use a combination of SQL queries and special operators provided by PostgreSQL.

Create a Table with a JSONB Column

To create a table with a column of type JSONB, you can use the following SQL statement:

CREATE TABLE my_table (
   data jsonb

Insert JSON Data into the Table

To insert JSON data into the table, you can use the INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO my_table (data) VALUES ('{"name": "John", "age": 30}');

Querying JSONB Data

You can query JSONB data using various operators and functions provided by PostgreSQL.

Select all rows:

SELECT * FROM my_table;

Select specific fields:

SELECT data->'name', data->'age' FROM my_table;

Filter based on a specific value:

SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE data->>'name' = 'John';

Create an index on a JSONB column:

CREATE INDEX idx_data_name ON my_table ((data->>'name'));


The JSONB data type in PostgreSQL provides an efficient and flexible way to store and query JSON documents. It offers advantages such as efficient storage, indexing support, querying flexibility, and data integrity. By utilizing the power of JSONB, you can efficiently work with complex and structured data in your PostgreSQL database.

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