What Is JSON Data Type in PostgreSQL?


Larry Thompson

The JSON data type in PostgreSQL allows you to store and manipulate JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data. JSON is a popular data interchange format that is used to represent structured data. With the JSON data type, you can store JSON documents directly in your PostgreSQL database, making it easier to work with and query complex data structures.

Why Use the JSON Data Type?

The JSON data type provides several benefits:

  • Flexibility: With the JSON data type, you can store a wide variety of structured and unstructured data, including nested objects and arrays.
  • Querying: PostgreSQL provides a rich set of functions and operators for querying and manipulating JSON data. This makes it easy to extract specific values or perform complex transformations on your JSON documents.
  • Schema-less: Unlike traditional relational databases, the JSON data type does not require a predefined schema. This means you can store different types of documents in the same table without having to modify the table structure.

Working with the JSON Data Type

To use the JSON data type in PostgreSQL, you need to create a column with the appropriate data type:

CREATE TABLE my_table (
  data JSON

You can then insert JSON documents into your table using the following syntax:

INSERT INTO my_table (data)
VALUES ('{"name": "John", "age": 30}');

To query specific values from a JSON document, you can use the -> operator:

SELECT data -> 'name' AS name
FROM my_table;

This will return the value of the name key from each JSON document in the data column.

Indexing JSON Data

If you frequently query specific keys or values from your JSON documents, you can improve performance by creating an index on the JSON column:

CREATE INDEX idx_name ON my_table ((data -> 'name'));

This will allow PostgreSQL to quickly find and retrieve rows based on the specified key.


The JSON data type in PostgreSQL provides a flexible and powerful way to store and query structured data. Whether you’re working with complex nested objects or simple key-value pairs, the JSON data type makes it easy to store, retrieve, and manipulate your data. By leveraging the built-in functions and operators provided by PostgreSQL, you can unlock the full potential of your JSON documents.

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