What Is Job Sequencing With Deadlines Problem in Data Structure?


Larry Thompson

In the field of data structures, one common problem that often arises is the Job Sequencing with Deadlines problem. This problem involves scheduling a set of jobs with different deadlines and profits, with the objective of maximizing the total profit. Let’s delve deeper into this problem and understand its significance.

Understanding the Problem

The Job Sequencing with Deadlines problem can be stated as follows: we are given a set of jobs, each with a deadline and associated profit. The objective is to find a sequence of jobs that can be completed within their respective deadlines while maximizing the total profit.

It is important to note that each job takes a unit of time to complete and only one job can be processed at a time. Additionally, a job cannot be executed after its deadline has passed.

Solving the Problem

To solve this problem, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Sorting: First, we sort the jobs in descending order based on their profits. This step ensures that we process high-profit jobs first.
  2. Allocating Time Slots: Next, we allocate time slots for each job in such a way that no two jobs have overlapping deadlines. This step ensures that all jobs are completed within their respective deadlines.
  3. Selecting Jobs: Finally, we select jobs according to the allocated time slots and calculate the maximum possible profit.


Let’s consider an example to illustrate this problem:

We have four jobs:

  • Job A: Deadline = 3, Profit = $100
  • Job B: Deadline = 1, Profit = $50
  • Job C: Deadline = 2, Profit = $25
  • Job D: Deadline = 2, Profit = $10

If we sort the jobs in descending order based on their profits, we get the following sequence: A, B, C, D.

Now, let’s allocate time slots:

  • Time Slot 1: Job A
  • Time Slot 2: Job B or Job C (choose the one with higher profit)
  • Time Slot 3: Job B or Job C (the remaining job)

In this example, the maximum possible profit is $100 + $25 + $10 = $135.


The Job Sequencing with Deadlines problem is an important problem in data structures. By understanding its intricacies and employing appropriate sorting and allocation techniques, we can efficiently schedule jobs to maximize profits.

Remember to prioritize high-profit jobs and allocate time slots carefully to ensure all deadlines are met. With this knowledge, you are now equipped to tackle this problem in your own projects!

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