What Is Jelly Scripting ServiceNow?


Larry Thompson

Welcome to this informative tutorial on Jelly Scripting in ServiceNow! In this article, we will explore what Jelly Scripting is and how it can be used to enhance the functionality of your ServiceNow platform.

What is Jelly Scripting?

Jelly Scripting is a powerful scripting language that is used in ServiceNow. It allows you to create dynamic and interactive web pages within the platform. Jelly Scripting is based on XML and supports a wide range of HTML elements and tags, making it easy to incorporate various styling elements into your scripts.

The Benefits of Jelly Scripting

Jelly Scripting offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your ServiceNow experience:

  • Flexibility: With Jelly Scripting, you have the flexibility to create custom web pages and UI components tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Integration: Jelly scripts seamlessly integrate with other scripting languages like JavaScript, allowing you to leverage the full power of both languages.
  • Reuse: You can reuse existing Jelly scripts across different applications, saving time and effort in development.
  • Dynamic Content: Jelly scripting allows you to display dynamic content based on user inputs or data retrieved from the ServiceNow database.

Using Jelly in ServiceNow

In order to use Jelly scripting in ServiceNow, you need to be familiar with XML syntax. You can embed Jelly scripts within XML files or directly within HTML templates. Here’s an example of a simple Jelly script:

<j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core">
   <b>Hello, <u>${gs.getUser().getFirstName()}</u>!</b>

In this example, the <b> tag is used to make the text “Hello” bold, and the <u> tag is used to underline the user’s first name retrieved from the ServiceNow database.

Advanced Features

Jelly Scripting in ServiceNow also offers advanced features like conditional statements, loop constructs, and variable declarations. These features allow you to create complex logic within your scripts and dynamically generate content based on specific conditions.


Jelly Scripting is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your ServiceNow platform. With its flexibility and integration capabilities, you can create dynamic web pages and UI components tailored to your specific needs. By leveraging Jelly Scripting in your ServiceNow implementation, you can take full advantage of its advanced features and create a truly engaging user experience.

Start exploring Jelly Scripting in ServiceNow today and unlock the full potential of your platform!

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