What Is Integer Data Type in Oracle?


Scott Campbell

When working with databases, it is essential to understand the different data types available. One such fundamental data type is the integer. In Oracle, an integer is a numeric data type that represents whole numbers without any decimal places.

Defining Integer Data Type in Oracle

In Oracle, the integer data type is defined using the NUMBER data type with a precision of 38 and a scale of 0. The precision represents the total number of digits that can be stored, while the scale indicates the number of decimal places.

Integer Data Type Syntax

The syntax for defining an integer column in Oracle is as follows:

column_name NUMBER(precision, scale);

In this syntax:

  • column_name: Represents the name of the column where you want to store integer values.
  • precision: Specifies the total number of digits that can be stored. In our case, it should be set to 38 for integers.
  • scale: Indicates the number of decimal places. Since integers are whole numbers, it should always be set to 0.


employee_id NUMBER(38,0);

This example shows how to define an integer column named employee_id.

Usage and Benefits of Integer Data Type

The integer data type has several use cases and benefits:

  • Data Storage Optimization: As integers are stored without any decimal places, they require less storage space compared to other numeric data types that allow decimal values.
  • Improved Performance: Integer calculations and comparisons are faster and more efficient than those involving decimal values.
  • Data Integrity: By using the integer data type, you can ensure that only whole numbers are stored in the column, preventing any accidental or invalid data entry.


The integer data type in Oracle is a fundamental numeric data type used for storing whole numbers without decimal places. Its usage offers benefits such as optimized storage, improved performance, and enhanced data integrity. By understanding the syntax and properties of the integer data type, you can effectively define columns that store integer values in your Oracle database.

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