What Is INT8 Data Type?


Angela Bailey

What Is INT8 Data Type?

The INT8 data type is a commonly used numeric data type in computer programming. It stands for “integer 8-bit” and represents a signed integer value that can range from -128 to 127. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and applications of the INT8 data type.

Characteristics of INT8 Data Type

The INT8 data type has the following characteristics:

  • Size: The INT8 data type occupies 1 byte (8 bits) of memory.
  • Signed: It is a signed data type, which means it can represent both positive and negative values.
  • Range: The range of values that can be stored in an INT8 variable is from -128 to 127.
  • Precision: The precision of the INT8 data type is integer-based, without any decimal places.

Applications of INT8 Data Type

The compact size and limited range of the INT8 data type make it suitable for various applications where memory efficiency is crucial. Here are some common use cases:

Data Storage and Compression

The small size of the INT8, combined with its ability to represent a wide range of values, makes it ideal for storing large datasets efficiently. For example, when dealing with sensor readings or scientific measurements that fall within a specific range, using an INT8 data type can significantly reduce the memory footprint.

Image Processing and Computer Vision

In image processing and computer vision applications, where every byte of memory counts, the INT8 data type is often used to represent pixel intensities. By using INT8, grayscale or black-and-white images can be stored and processed more efficiently, without compromising much on visual quality.

Machine Learning and Neural Networks

The INT8 data type has gained popularity in machine learning and neural network models due to its ability to efficiently store and process quantized weights and activations. By quantizing values to INT8, the memory requirements of these models can be significantly reduced, allowing for faster inference times on hardware with dedicated Floating-Point Unit (FPU).


The INT8 data type is a compact numeric data type that offers a limited range but considerable memory efficiency. Its applications span across various domains, from data storage and compression to image processing and machine learning. Understanding the characteristics and applications of the INT8 data type can help programmers make informed decisions when dealing with constrained environments or optimizing memory usage.

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