What Is Editor Scripting Unity?


Angela Bailey

What Is Editor Scripting Unity?

Editor scripting in Unity is a powerful feature that allows developers to extend and customize the Unity Editor. It enables you to create your own tools, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance your workflow. With editor scripting, you can tailor the Unity Editor to fit your specific needs.

Why Use Editor Scripting?

Custom Tools:

One of the primary reasons to use editor scripting is to create custom tools. These tools can streamline your development process by automating tasks, providing shortcuts, or adding new features that are specific to your project. Whether you need a level editor, a batch importer, or a data visualization tool, editor scripting allows you to build it.

Workflow Optimization:

Editor scripting also helps optimize your workflow by reducing manual labor and improving efficiency. For example, if you find yourself performing repetitive tasks like setting up objects or adjusting parameters repeatedly, you can create an editor script that automates these actions. This frees up your time and energy for more creative and critical tasks.

How Does Editor Scripting Work?

In Unity, editor scripts are written in C# and utilize the UnityEditor namespace. They interact directly with the Unity Editor’s API, giving you access to various functionalities and components.

To start writing an editor script, you need to create a new C# script file in your project’s Assets folder or any of its subfolders. In this script file, you should include the following line at the beginning:

using UnityEditor;

The CustomEditor Attribute

To associate an editor script with a specific MonoBehaviour or ScriptableObject class, you need to use the CustomEditor attribute. This attribute tells Unity which editor to use for the associated class. For example:

public class MyScriptEditor : Editor
    // Editor script code goes here

In this case, MyScriptEditor will be used to customize the Inspector for MyScript instances.


The OnInspectorGUI() method is the heart of an editor script. It is called whenever Unity needs to draw the Inspector for an object that uses the associated script. Inside this method, you can create custom GUI elements and define their behavior.

For example, you can use GUILayout.Button() to create a button that performs a specific action when clicked:

public override void OnInspectorGUI()
    if (GUILayout.Button("Do Something"))
        // Perform action here


Editor scripting in Unity is a valuable tool for extending and customizing the Unity Editor. It enables developers to create custom tools, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize their workflow. By utilizing editor scripting, you can enhance your productivity and tailor the Unity Editor to suit your specific project requirements.

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