What Is Double Data Type in Java?


Larry Thompson

Java is a powerful programming language that offers several data types to handle different kinds of data. One such data type is the double data type. In this tutorial, we will explore what the double data type is and how it can be used in Java.

What is the Double Data Type?

The double data type is a fundamental data type in Java that represents floating-point numbers with double precision. It can store decimal values with a larger range and greater precision compared to the float data type. The double keyword is used to declare variables of this data type.

Declaring Double Variables

To declare a variable of the double data type, you need to specify the keyword “double” followed by a variable name. For example:

double myDouble;

You can also assign an initial value to a double variable at the time of declaration:

double pi = 3.14159;

Using Double Values in Java

Once you have declared a double variable, you can perform various operations on it, such as arithmetic calculations and comparisons. The standard arithmetic operators like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/) work with double values.

double num1 = 10.5;
double num2 = 5.25;

// Addition
double sum = num1 + num2; 

// Subtraction
double difference = num1 - num2;

// Multiplication
double product = num1 * num2;

// Division
double quotient = num1 / num2;

Furthermore, you can use comparison operators like greater than (>), less than (<), equal to (==), etc., to compare double values.

Precision and Accuracy

One crucial aspect of the double data type is its precision and accuracy. Although the double data type offers a higher range and precision compared to float, it is still subject to rounding errors due to the limitations of representing floating-point numbers in binary format.

Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when comparing double values for equality.


In conclusion, the double data type in Java is used to store floating-point numbers with double precision. It provides a larger range and greater precision compared to float.

Understanding how to declare, initialize, and perform operations on double variables will enable you to work with decimal values more effectively in your Java programs.

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