What Is DNS Server in Azure?


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Azure DNS is a hosting service provided by Microsoft Azure that allows you to host your DNS domains and manage DNS records within Azure. It provides a reliable, scalable, and high-performance DNS resolution service for your applications running in Azure.

What is a DNS Server?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is a system that translates human-readable domain names, such as example.com, into IP addresses, which are used by computers to communicate with each other over the internet. DNS servers act as the phonebook of the internet, mapping domain names to their corresponding IP addresses.

The Role of DNS Servers in Azure

Azure DNS allows you to host your DNS zones and manage their records within the Azure infrastructure. By using Azure DNS servers, you can take advantage of the scalability and reliability offered by Microsoft’s global network infrastructure.

When you create a new zone in Azure DNS, it automatically deploys multiple name servers to provide redundancy and ensure high availability. These name servers are distributed across different geographical regions, reducing the risk of single points of failure.

Benefits of Using Azure DNS

  • Global Availability: With Azure’s global network infrastructure, your DNS zones are available worldwide, ensuring low latency and fast response times for your applications.
  • Scalability: Azure automatically scales its DNS servers based on demand, so they can handle high traffic loads without any performance degradation.
  • Integration with Other Azure Services: You can easily integrate Azure DNS with other services within the Azure ecosystem, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), App Services, and Traffic Manager.
  • Simplified Management: With Azure’s user-friendly portal or command-line tools, you can easily manage your DNS zones, add or modify records, and monitor the health and performance of your DNS infrastructure.

Using Azure DNS with Your Domain

To start using Azure DNS with your domain, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a DNS zone in the Azure portal.
  2. Configure the name servers provided by Azure DNS as the authoritative name servers for your domain with your domain registrar.
  3. Add or import DNS records to your Azure DNS zone to define how your domain should resolve.
  4. Manage and monitor your DNS records using the Azure portal or command-line tools.


Azure DNS is a powerful and reliable hosting service that allows you to manage your DNS domains and records within the Azure infrastructure. By leveraging Microsoft’s global network, you can ensure high availability, scalability, and fast response times for your applications. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Azure services, managing and maintaining your DNS infrastructure becomes effortless.

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