What Is DNS Cache Server?


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What Is DNS Cache Server?

A DNS cache server is a type of server that stores previously resolved domain name system (DNS) queries for a certain period of time. It acts as an intermediary between a client computer and the DNS server, allowing for faster access to frequently visited websites.

How Does DNS Cache Server Work?

When you type a URL into your web browser, your computer sends a request to the DNS server to obtain the IP address associated with that domain name. This process is known as DNS resolution. The DNS cache server stores the results of these resolutions so that subsequent requests for the same domain name can be answered without having to query the DNS server again.

The DNS cache server works by storing the IP address and other related information in its memory or on disk. When a client computer requests information for a particular domain name, the cache server first checks if it has the information stored in its cache.

If it does, it returns the cached result to the client immediately. This saves time and reduces network traffic by avoiding additional queries to remote DNS servers.

Benefits of Using DNS Cache Server

  • Faster Website Access: By caching previously resolved DNS queries, a cache server can significantly reduce the time it takes to access frequently visited websites. This is especially useful in large networks where multiple users are accessing common websites.
  • Reduced Network Traffic: Since the cache server can provide answers to DNS queries from its local storage, it reduces the need for multiple clients to send requests to external DNS servers. This helps optimize network performance and reduce overall traffic.
  • Improved Reliability: In cases where external DNS servers may be unreachable or experiencing issues, a cache server can still provide cached results, allowing users to access websites even during DNS server outages.

Types of DNS Cache Servers

There are two main types of DNS cache servers:

  1. Resolver Caching: This type of cache server is typically used by client devices to store resolved DNS queries. It helps improve performance and reduce the load on DNS servers by reducing the number of queries sent for the same domain name.
  2. Authoritative Caching: This type of cache server is used by DNS servers that are authoritative for specific domains. It caches information about other domains to improve response times when handling queries from clients.


A DNS cache server plays a crucial role in optimizing network performance and improving website access speed. By storing previously resolved DNS queries, it reduces the need for repeated lookups and minimizes network traffic. Whether it’s resolver caching or authoritative caching, utilizing a DNS cache server can greatly enhance the efficiency and reliability of your network infrastructure.

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