What Is Date Data Type in Salesforce?


Angela Bailey

The Date data type in Salesforce is used to store and manipulate dates. It allows you to perform various operations on dates such as calculating the difference between two dates, comparing dates, and formatting dates in different ways. In this article, we will explore the Date data type in Salesforce and learn how to use it effectively.

Creating a Date Field

To create a Date field in Salesforce, you can go to the Object Manager and select the object on which you want to add the field. Then click on “Fields & Relationships” and click “New”.

Choose the Data Type as “Date” and provide a label for the field. You can also set other properties such as help text, default value, etc.

Storing Dates

When storing dates in Salesforce, it is important to remember that Salesforce uses the Gregorian calendar. Dates are stored as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) values in the database but are automatically adjusted based on the user’s time zone settings.

Date Formats

Salesforce supports multiple date formats that you can use to display or input dates. The default date format is based on the user’s locale settings but you can override it using formulas or custom settings.

  • Date(): This function returns today’s date.
  • Date(year, month, day): This function creates a new date object with the specified year, month, and day.

Date Methods

Salesforce provides several methods that you can use to manipulate and work with dates:

  • addMonths(): Adds a specified number of months to a given date.
  • addDays(): Adds a specified number of days to a given date.
  • daysBetween(): Calculates the number of days between two dates.

Using Date Fields in Formulas

Date fields can also be used in formulas to perform calculations or validations. You can use operators like addition, subtraction, comparison operators, etc., to work with date fields in formulas.


TODAY() + 7: This formula adds 7 days to the current date.

DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), MONTH(TODAY()) + 1, DAY(TODAY())): This formula returns the first day of the next month.

Date Validation Rules

You can also create validation rules based on date fields to enforce certain business rules or data integrity. For example, you can create a validation rule to ensure that the start date is always before the end date.

In Conclusion

The Date data type in Salesforce is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating dates. Whether you need to perform calculations, compare dates, or validate data, the Date data type provides all the necessary functionality. By understanding how to use this data type effectively and leveraging its features, you can ensure accurate and efficient handling of dates in your Salesforce org.

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