What Is Data Type in Appian?


Heather Bennett

What Is Data Type in Appian?

In Appian, data types are an essential concept that defines the kind of data a variable can store. Each data type determines the range of values that a variable can hold and the operations that can be performed on it. Understanding data types is crucial for effective application development in Appian.

Basic Data Types

Appian provides several basic data types that you can use to define variables:

  • Text: This data type is used to store alphanumeric characters such as names, addresses, or descriptions.
  • Number: The number data type is used to store numeric values like integers or floating-point numbers.
  • Date and Time: This data type stores dates and times, allowing you to perform various operations on them.
  • Boolean: The boolean data type has two possible values – true or false. It is used to represent logical conditions.

Composite Data Types

In addition to basic data types, Appian also supports composite data types. These are combinations of basic data types that allow you to organize related pieces of information into a single structure. The composite data types supported by Appian include:

  • List: A list is an ordered collection of elements of the same or different types. It allows you to store multiple values under a single variable.
  • Dictionary: A dictionary is a collection of key-value pairs.

    It allows you to associate values with unique keys for efficient retrieval.

  • Tuple: A tuple is an ordered collection of elements of different types. It is similar to a list but allows you to store elements of different data types.
  • Record: A record is a structure that combines multiple fields of different data types into a single entity.

Custom Data Types

In Appian, you can also define your own custom data types using the built-in type designer. Custom data types allow you to create structures tailored to your specific application requirements. By defining custom data types, you can enhance code readability, improve reusability, and enforce data integrity.


Data types in Appian define the kind of data that variables can hold. Appian provides basic data types such as text, number, date and time, and boolean.

Additionally, composite data types like lists, dictionaries, tuples, and records allow for more complex data structures. Custom data types further enhance flexibility and maintainability in Appian application development.

Understanding and utilizing the appropriate data type is essential for effective programming in Appian. By choosing the right data type for each variable, you can ensure consistent behavior and improved efficiency in your applications.

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