What Is Data Type Float in SQL?


Heather Bennett

What Is Data Type Float in SQL?

When working with databases and performing calculations, it is essential to understand the different data types available. One such data type in SQL is the float data type. In this article, we will explore what the float data type is and how it can be used in SQL.

Understanding the Float Data Type

The float data type in SQL allows you to store floating-point numbers, which are numbers with decimal places. It is used to represent approximate numeric values with a significant range.

Key Characteristics of the Float Data Type:

  • A float value can have a precision of up to 15 digits.
  • The storage size for a float value is 4 bytes or 8 bytes, depending on the implementation.
  • The range of values that can be stored in a float column depends on its precision.

Using Float Data Type in SQL

To create a table with a column of float data type, you can use the following syntax:

   ColumnName FLOAT(p)

In the above syntax, TableName represents the name of your table, and ColumnName represents the name of your column. The parameter p specifies the precision of the float value.


  • If you do not specify a precision for a float column, it will have a default precision of 53 bits.
  • The precision determines how many significant digits are stored for each value.


Let’s look at a few examples to understand how the float data type works:

   ProductID INT,
   Price FLOAT(10)

In the above example, we create a table called Product with two columns: ProductID of type INT, and Price of type FLOAT(10). The precision of the FLOAT value is set to 10, allowing up to 10 significant digits.

You can insert values into the table using SQL statements like:

INSERT INTO Product (ProductID, Price) VALUES (1, 19.99);
INSERT INTO Product (ProductID, Price) VALUES (2, 24.95);
INSERT INTO Product (ProductID, Price) VALUES (3, 15.50);


The float data type in SQL is useful when you need to store numbers with decimal places and a significant range of values. It allows you to perform calculations accurately and efficiently. Remember to specify the precision when defining a float column in your tables to ensure accurate storage and retrieval of values.

In this article, we have explored what the float data type is in SQL and how it can be used effectively. Understanding data types is crucial for efficient database management and performing calculations on numerical data.

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