What Is Data Structure Called?


Scott Campbell

Data structures are a fundamental concept in computer science and programming. They are used to organize and store data in a way that allows efficient access, manipulation, and retrieval. There are several types of data structures, each with its own characteristics and purposes.

What is a Data Structure?

A data structure is a way of organizing and storing data in a computer’s memory or on disk. It provides a systematic way to manage and manipulate data efficiently. It defines the relationship between the data elements and how they can be accessed or modified.

Types of Data Structures

There are various types of data structures available, each suited for specific tasks:

  • Array: An array is a collection of elements stored in contiguous memory locations. It allows random access to its elements using an index.
  • Linked List: A linked list is a sequence of nodes where each node contains both the data and a reference/link to the next node.
  • Stack: A stack is an abstract data type that follows the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) principle. Elements can only be inserted or removed from the top of the stack.
  • Queue: A queue is an abstract data type that follows the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle.

    Elements can only be inserted at one end (rear) and removed from the other end (front).

  • Tree: A tree is a hierarchical structure consisting of nodes connected by edges. It has one root node with zero or more child nodes.
  • Graph: A graph is a collection of vertices (nodes) connected by edges. It represents relationships between objects.

Importance of Data Structures

Data structures play a crucial role in programming and software development. They provide efficient ways to organize, store, and manipulate data, leading to improved performance and reduced complexity.

By choosing the right data structure for a specific task, programmers can optimize algorithms and improve overall efficiency. Understanding different data structures helps in solving problems effectively and designing scalable applications.


Data structures are an essential component of computer science and programming. They allow efficient organization and manipulation of data, leading to optimized algorithms and better performance in software development. By learning about different types of data structures, programmers can make informed decisions and create more efficient solutions.

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