What Is Cut Vertex in Data Structure?


Angela Bailey

A cut vertex, also known as an articulation point, is a fundamental concept in graph theory and data structures. It plays a crucial role in understanding the connectivity of a graph. In this article, we will explore what a cut vertex is and its significance in various applications.


A cut vertex is a vertex in a graph whose removal would increase the number of connected components in the graph. In other words, if we were to remove a cut vertex from a graph, it would disconnect the graph into multiple disjoint subgraphs.


To identify cut vertices in a given graph, we can use various algorithms such as Depth-First Search (DFS) or Breadth-First Search (BFS). These algorithms traverse the entire graph and determine if any vertex can separate its connected components by removing it.

DFS Algorithm

One approach to finding cut vertices is by using the DFS algorithm. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by selecting any arbitrary vertex as the root of the DFS traversal.
  2. Perform a depth-first search starting from the root.
  3. Maintain an array to keep track of the discovery time of each vertex.
  4. During traversal, for each visited vertex (let’s call it “u”), check if any of its adjacent vertices (let’s call one of them “v”) has a back edge to one of its ancestors.
    • If there is no back edge from “v” to its ancestor and “u” is not the root node, then “u” is a cut vertex.
    • If there are multiple children of “u” and each child has no back edge to any ancestor other than itself, then “u” is also a cut vertex.
  5. Continue the DFS traversal and repeat these steps for each unvisited vertex until all vertices have been visited.


Cut vertices have various real-world applications. Here are some examples:

  • Network analysis: Cut vertices help identify critical nodes in a network that, if removed, would disrupt the entire network’s connectivity.
  • Social network analysis: Cut vertices can be used to analyze social networks and identify key individuals who act as bridges between different communities.
  • Routing algorithms: Cut vertices play a significant role in determining efficient routing paths in computer networks.


In summary, a cut vertex is a vertex in a graph that, when removed, increases the number of connected components in the graph. They can be identified using algorithms like DFS or BFS.

Understanding cut vertices is crucial for various applications such as network analysis, social network analysis, and routing algorithms. By mastering this concept, you will have a deeper understanding of graph theory and data structures.

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