What Is Client Side Scripting in ServiceNow?


Scott Campbell

Client Side Scripting in ServiceNow is an essential aspect of developing dynamic and interactive web applications. It allows developers to write scripts that run directly on the client’s browser, enhancing the user experience by providing real-time updates and reducing server load.

What is Client Side Scripting?
Client Side Scripting refers to the process of writing scripts that are executed on the client-side, i.e., on the user’s browser. Unlike server-side scripting, which processes requests on the server before sending a response to the client, client-side scripts are executed entirely within the browser environment.

Advantages of Client Side Scripting:
– Improved User Experience: Client-side scripting enables developers to create responsive interfaces that provide instant feedback to user actions. This results in a more engaging and interactive user experience. – Reduced Server Load: By offloading certain processing tasks to the client’s browser, client-side scripting helps reduce server load and improves overall application performance. – Dynamic Content Manipulation: With client-side scripting, it becomes easier to manipulate and update content dynamically without requiring a page refresh.

This allows for real-time updates and a seamless browsing experience. – Enhanced Form Validation: Client-side scripting allows for immediate validation of form inputs, reducing the need for round-trip communication with the server. This ensures faster error detection and a smoother form submission process.

Client Side Scripting in ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a powerful platform that offers extensive capabilities for developing enterprise-level applications. It provides robust support for both server-side and client-side scripting.

JavaScript in ServiceNow

ServiceNow leverages JavaScript as its primary language for client-side scripting. JavaScript is a versatile programming language that runs natively in browsers, making it ideal for creating dynamic web applications.

Using JavaScript in ServiceNow:
In ServiceNow, JavaScript can be used to perform various tasks on the client-side, such as:
– Form Validation: JavaScript can be utilized to validate user inputs on forms, ensuring that the data entered meets specific requirements before submission. – Dynamic Content Manipulation: JavaScript enables developers to manipulate and update elements on a page dynamically. This can include displaying or hiding certain sections based on user interactions or updating content without refreshing the entire page.

– Event Handling: JavaScript allows developers to define event handlers for user interactions, such as button clicks or form submissions. These event handlers can trigger specific actions or functions, enhancing the interactivity of the application. – AJAX Requests: JavaScript’s XMLHttpRequest object can be used to make asynchronous requests to the server, allowing for real-time updates without reloading the entire page.

Client Scripts in ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides a feature called “Client Scripts” that simplifies client-side scripting within the platform. Client Scripts are reusable scripts that can be associated with specific forms, fields, and UI actions.

Benefits of Client Scripts in ServiceNow:
– Reusability: Client Scripts can be reused across multiple forms and fields within an instance, saving development time and effort. – Granular Control: Developers can define when and where a Client Script should execute by associating it with specific forms, fields, or UI actions.

– Field Level Validation: Client Scripts allow for field-level validation by defining conditions and error messages based on user input. – Accessibility: Since Client Scripts run directly in the browser, they can access client-side APIs and interact with elements on the page.


Client Side Scripting plays a crucial role in developing modern web applications. In ServiceNow, JavaScript is used extensively for client-side scripting tasks such as form validation, dynamic content manipulation, event handling, and AJAX requests. The availability of features like Client Scripts further simplifies client-side scripting within the ServiceNow platform.

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