What Is Built in Data Types in Data Structure?


Heather Bennett

What Is Built-in Data Types in Data Structure?

In data structure, built-in data types are fundamental types of data that are predefined and provided by the programming language. These data types form the building blocks for creating complex data structures and are essential for storing, manipulating, and organizing data efficiently.

Why Are Built-in Data Types Important?

Built-in data types serve as the foundation for implementing various data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. They provide a standardized way to represent different kinds of information and enable us to perform operations on that information.

Using built-in data types simplifies programming by eliminating the need to define custom or user-defined data types for basic operations. They offer a set of predefined operations and methods specific to each type, making it easier to perform common tasks.

Common Built-in Data Types

1. Integer (int)

The integer type represents whole numbers without any fractional or decimal part.

It is used to store numerical values like counts, indices, or any quantity that can be expressed as a whole number.

2. Floating-Point (float)

Floating-point numbers represent real numbers with both integer and fractional parts.

They are used when precision in decimal places is required, such as in scientific calculations or financial computations.

3. Character (char)

The character type represents single characters like letters, digits, symbols, or special characters.

It is used to store individual symbols from the character set supported by the programming language.

4. Boolean (bool)

Boolean values represent logical entities that can either be true or false.

They are used to store the results of logical operations and conditional statements.

5. String (str)

The string type is used to represent sequences of characters.

It allows storing and manipulating text or a combination of characters, making it suitable for working with words, sentences, or any textual data.


Built-in data types are essential in data structure as they provide the foundation for storing and manipulating different types of information. By using these predefined types, programmers can efficiently implement complex data structures and perform common operations on them.

Understanding the characteristics and usage of various built-in data types is crucial for effective programming and problem-solving.

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