What Is BFS in Data Structure?


Scott Campbell

In the realm of data structure algorithms, BFS stands for Breadth-First Search. It is a popular graph traversal algorithm that explores all the vertices of a graph in breadth-first order, i.e., it visits vertices level by level.

How does BFS work?

BFS starts at a specified vertex called the source vertex. It explores all the adjacent vertices of the source vertex before moving on to the next level of vertices. This process continues until all the vertices have been visited or until a specified condition is met.

Implementing BFS

To implement BFS, we typically use a queue data structure to keep track of the vertices that need to be visited. We start by enqueuing the source vertex and mark it as visited. Then, we perform the following steps:

  • Dequeue: Remove and retrieve the front vertex from the queue.
  • Visit: Process and explore this dequeued vertex.
  • Enqueue: Add all unvisited adjacent vertices of the dequeued vertex to the queue and mark them as visited.

This process repeats until there are no more vertices left in the queue.

Applications of BFS

BFS has various applications in different domains:

  • Shortest path finding: Since BFS explores vertices level by level, it can be used to find the shortest path between two nodes in an unweighted graph.
  • Cycle detection: By maintaining a parent array during traversal, BFS can detect cycles in a graph efficiently.
  • Social networking algorithms: BFS can be used to find connections or friends of a particular user in social networks.

Time and Space Complexity

The time complexity of BFS is O(V + E), where V represents the number of vertices and E represents the number of edges in the graph. This is because we visit each vertex and each edge exactly once.

The space complexity of BFS is O(V) since at worst, we may need to store all the vertices in the queue.


BFS is a powerful algorithm for graph traversal that can be applied to various problem domains. By exploring vertices level by level, it offers a breadth-first approach to analyzing graphs. Understanding BFS is essential for any programmer or computer science enthusiast seeking to solve problems involving graph analysis and traversal.

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