What Is Array of Structure in Data Structure?


Heather Bennett

An array of structure in data structure is a collection of multiple structures where each structure holds several related variables. It allows us to store and manipulate complex data in a structured manner.

Structure in Data Structure

A structure is a user-defined data type that groups multiple variables of different types under one name. It provides a way to organize and store related information efficiently.

The syntax to declare a structure in C is:

struct structureName {
    dataType1 variable1;
    dataType2 variable2;
    // more variables..

For example, consider a structure called Student that stores the details of a student:

struct Student {
    int rollNumber;
    char name[50];
    float marks;

In the above example, the Student structure has three variables: rollNumber, name, and marks. The rollNumber is an integer, the name is an array of characters, and the marks is a floating-point number.

The Array of Structure Concept

An array of structure combines the power of arrays and structures together. It allows us to create an array where each element is a structure. This enables us to create collections or databases of related data.

The syntax to declare an array of structures is similar to declaring an array:

struct structureName arrayName[size];

To continue with our previous example, let’s create an array called “students” that can store multiple student records:

struct Student students[100];

In the above example, we declared an array of Student structures named “students”. The array can hold up to 100 student records.

Accessing Elements of an Array of Structure

We can access individual elements of an array of structure using the dot (.) operator. The dot operator is used to access the members of a structure.

For example, to access the rollNumber of the first student in the “students” array, we use:


We can also assign values to the members of a structure using the dot operator. For example, to assign a value to the marks member of the second student in the “students” array, we use:

students[1].marks = 85.5;

The Benefits of Array of Structure

The concept of an array of structure offers several benefits:

  • Grouping related data: It allows us to group related data together under one name.
  • Easier manipulation: It simplifies data manipulation as we can perform operations on multiple records simultaneously.
  • Data organization: It helps in organizing data efficiently, especially when dealing with large amounts of information.
  • Databases and collections: It enables us to create databases and collections with ease by storing multiple records in a single array.


The array of structure in data structure is a powerful tool that combines the benefits of arrays and structures. It allows us to store and manipulate complex data efficiently. By grouping related data together, it simplifies the organization and manipulation of data, making it an essential concept in various programming applications.

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