What Is Array in Data Structure?


Larry Thompson

What Is Array in Data Structure?

An array is a fundamental data structure in computer programming. It is a collection of elements of the same type that are stored in a contiguous block of memory. Each element in an array is accessed using its index, which represents its position within the array.

Creating an Array:

To create an array, you must first determine the size of the array, which specifies the number of elements it can hold. In HTML, you can declare an array using the following syntax:

    var myArray = new Array(size);

The size parameter represents the number of elements you want to store in the array. For example, to create an array with 5 elements, you would use:

    var myArray = new Array(5);

Accessing Array Elements:

Each element in an array is assigned a unique index starting from 0. To access a specific element, you can use the following syntax:

    var element = myArray[index];

The index parameter represents the position of the element within the array. For example, to access the third element in an array called myArray, you would use:

    var thirdElement = myArray[2];

Modifying Array Elements:

You can modify the value of an element in an array by assigning a new value to it using the index. For example, to change the value of the third element in myArray, you would use:

    myArray[2] = newValue;

The newValue represents the new value you want to assign to the element.

Array Operations:

Arrays support various operations, such as adding elements, removing elements, and finding the length of an array. Here are some commonly used array operations:

  • Push: Adds one or more elements to the end of an array.
  • Pop: Removes and returns the last element from an array.
  • Shift: Removes and returns the first element from an array.
  • Unshift: Adds one or more elements to the beginning of an array.
  • Length: Returns the number of elements in an array.

Multidimensional Arrays:

An array can also be multidimensional, meaning it can hold arrays as its elements. This allows you to create complex data structures. Here’s an example of a two-dimensional array:

    var matrix = [
        [1, 2, 3],
        [4, 5, 6],
        [7, 8, 9]

To access individual elements in a multidimensional array, you need to specify both the row and column index.


Arrays are a powerful and versatile data structure that allows you to store and manipulate collections of elements. They provide efficient access to individual elements using their indices and support various operations for adding, removing, and modifying elements. Understanding arrays is essential for writing efficient and organized code.

I hope this article has provided a clear understanding of what arrays are in data structures and how they can be used in HTML programming.

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