What Is Array in Data Structure W3schools?


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What Is Array in Data Structure W3schools?

An array is a fundamental data structure in programming that allows you to store multiple values of the same type under a single variable name. It is a container that holds a fixed number of elements, each identified by an index or a key. Arrays are widely used in various programming languages, including JavaScript, C++, Java, and Python.

Creating an Array

To create an array in JavaScript, you can use the following syntax:

var myArray = [value1, value2, value3];

The myArray variable is assigned an array containing three values: value1, value2, and value3. You can access these values using their respective indices. In JavaScript, array indices start from 0.

Accessing Array Elements

To access individual elements of an array, you can use the index inside square brackets:


  • The first element of an array has an index of 0.
  • The last element of an array has an index of length – 1 (where length represents the total number of elements).

You can access and manipulate individual elements as follows:

// Accessing elements

  1. To access the first element: myArray[0].
  2. To change the value of the second element: myArray[1] = newValue;.
  3. To access the last element: myArray[myArray.length - 1].

Common Array Operations

Arrays support various operations that allow you to work with their elements:

  • Adding Elements: You can add elements to an array using methods like push(), which adds elements to the end of the array, or unshift(), which adds elements to the beginning.
  • Removing Elements: You can remove elements from an array using methods like pop(), which removes the last element, or shift(), which removes the first element.
  • Finding Elements: You can find specific elements in an array using methods like indexOf(), which returns the index of the first occurrence of a given element, or includes(), which checks if an element exists in the array.

Multidimensional Arrays

In addition to one-dimensional arrays, programming languages also support multidimensional arrays. These are arrays within arrays, allowing you to store and access data in multiple dimensions.

To create a two-dimensional array in JavaScript, you can use nested arrays as follows:

// Creating a two-dimensional array

var matrix = [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], [7, 8, 9]];

You can access individual elements of a multidimensional array using multiple indices. For example:

// Accessing a two-dimensional array element

var element = matrix[0][1];


Arrays are essential data structures that allow you to store and manipulate multiple values in programming. They provide a convenient way to organize and access data, making them invaluable in various algorithms and applications. Understanding arrays is fundamental to becoming proficient in any programming language.

Now that you have a good understanding of arrays, you can start implementing them in your own code and explore their vast capabilities.

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