What Is an Expression Tree Give an Example in Data Structure?


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What Is an Expression Tree? Give an Example in Data Structure

An expression tree is a data structure used to represent arithmetic or logical expressions. It is a hierarchical tree-like structure where each node represents an operator or operand of the expression.

The leaf nodes of the tree represent the operands, and the internal nodes represent the operators. The tree can be constructed using various algorithms, such as postfix notation or infix notation.

Expression Tree Example

Let’s understand expression trees with an example. Consider the following arithmetic expression:

(3 + 4) * (5 – 2)

To construct an expression tree for this expression, we start by breaking it down into its individual components:

  • Operand: 3
  • Operator: +
  • Operand: 4
  • Operator: *
  • Operator: (sub-expression starts here)
    • Operand: 5
    • Operator:
    • Operand: 2

We can now construct the expression tree using these components. Starting from the bottom, we create leaf nodes for each operand and internal nodes for each operator.

The final expression tree representation for this example would look like this:

/ \
+ –
/ \ / \
3 4 5 2

In this tree, the * operator is at the root level, representing multiplication. The + operator is the left child of *, representing addition, and the – operator is the right child of *, representing subtraction. The leaf nodes 3, 4, 5, and 2 represent the operands.

Expression trees are useful in evaluating expressions and can be used to perform various operations like evaluating arithmetic expressions, converting expressions from one form to another (e.g., infix to postfix), and simplifying complex expressions.

By using expression trees, we can visually represent complex expressions in a hierarchical manner, making it easier to understand and manipulate them. These trees provide a structured way of representing expressions that can be easily evaluated or transformed into other forms.

In conclusion, an expression tree is a powerful data structure for representing arithmetic or logical expressions. With appropriate use of HTML styling elements like bold text, underlined text,

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    we can create visually engaging content that effectively explains the concept of expression trees.

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