What Is a Numeric Data Type in Alteryx?


Larry Thompson

In Alteryx, a numeric data type is used to represent numerical values such as integers and decimals. These data types are crucial in performing various mathematical calculations and statistical analysis within the Alteryx platform.

Types of Numeric Data Types in Alteryx

Alteryx supports several numeric data types, including:

  • Integer: Integer data type represents whole numbers without any decimal places. It can be either positive or negative.
  • Double: Double data type is used to store decimal numbers with precision.

    It can represent both positive and negative values.

  • Float: Float data type is similar to double, but it has lower precision. It is typically used when memory optimization is required.

Using Numeric Data Types in Alteryx

To utilize the numeric data types in Alteryx, you need to understand how to assign them to variables and use them in calculations. Here’s an example:

# Assigning Values
Integer myInteger = 10;
Double myDouble = 3.14;

# Mathematical Operations
Double result = myInteger * myDouble + Math.sqrt(myInteger);

# Outputting Results

In the above example, we assign the value 10 to an integer variable ‘myInteger’ and the value 3.14 to a double variable ‘myDouble’. We then perform a mathematical operation using these variables and store the result in another double variable ‘result’. Finally, we output the result using the ‘Alteryx.outputTool()’ function.

Numeric Data Type Conversions

Sometimes, you may need to convert one numeric data type to another. Alteryx provides various functions for data type conversions, such as:

  • ToInt: Converts a value to an integer.
  • ToDouble: Converts a value to a double.
  • ToFloat: Converts a value to a float.

Here’s an example of converting a float to an integer:

Float myFloat = 3.14;
Integer myInteger = Alteryx.ToInt(myFloat);


Numeric data types are essential in Alteryx for performing mathematical calculations and statistical analysis. Understanding the different types of numeric data types available and how to use them correctly is crucial for working efficiently in the Alteryx platform. By utilizing the various functions provided by Alteryx, you can easily manipulate and convert numeric data types according to your requirements.

With this knowledge, you are now equipped to work with numeric data types in Alteryx and utilize them effectively in your workflows.

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